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Massage can relieve stress

October 4th, 2011 | Posted by Stephen in Lifestyle - (Comments Off on Massage can relieve stress)

In our modern culture it is challenging for us to have a healthy, low stress level just by what is required to participate in it…

  • We are much more sedentary than our ancestors. Our tendency to sit for periods of time, e.g. in a car, at a computer, in front of a TV screen is hard on our bodies. Our bodies are made to be more physically active.
  • It’s difficult to avoid diets of refined and processed foods that have less nutrients and fiber. Our bodies were made to eat whole and therefore nutrient-rich foods.
  • The amount of mental activity required to keep it “all┬átogether” these days is also much more than in past times.
  • Our current social structures are more individually oriented. We need to depend more on ourselves or perhaps only a few others for support and nurturance than societies that are more communal in nature. We also tend to have constant time constraints, which makes having a relaxed working environment and a close circle of friends and family more rare and pressurized. All of these general cultural factors tend to produce stress in our physical, mental and emotional systems.