Licensed Massage Therapist

About Stephen

A Brief Biography

Initially certified by the McKinnon School of Professional Massage and Bodywork in 1984, and subsequently licensed by the State of Oregon in 1989 – I have continually devoted myself to massage therapy and continued my education in whole-person wellness.

Born in Kansas and raised in the Midwest and Eastern Cities, I moved to California in 1976 and graduated with a BA in Liberal Studies (magna cum laude) in 1983. I began my massage practice in 1984 in San Francisco.
Throughout my life, I have had a deep interest in humanity, and in how various cultures live and view the world. I have experienced life in Central Mexico, Bali Indonesia, Thailand, Europe, Australia, Russia — and even among the Lakota-Souix people of this land. Currently, I am interested in Tibetan Buddhism.

What You Can Anticipate

You can always count on me to be ready for you. This is your session and my whole focus is on you and your body. My energy level, enthusiasm and massage room reflect this. If it’s your first session we will take a few moments to discuss your health history and you can let me know what issues you have and your intentions for your session.  You will always receive a full session when you arrive on time.
Your session will be individually tailored from the numerous massage techniques in my “tool kit”, including traditional Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Reiki, Reflexology, and informed by my understanding and intuition.

Massage Facility

My massage studio is located in an original Edwardian flat in the Castro district. The room is warm and private, designed to be an escape from everyday reality. The soft lighting, music, and a starry heaven over head creates a unique space for you to relax in.  You can expect high quality in every aspect: from the the excellent massage products I use,  to the comfortable massage table and experience that I bring to your session.

Enjoy the Afterglow

After you leave it is always a good idea to allow some time after a session to readjust and enjoy the feeling. However, if you need to get to work or another engagement, do your best to stay relaxed and drink a lot of water.